Women & Child Unit


Our women and child unit at Garia is well equipped with state-of-art facilities to provide solutions for critical/complex clinical situations for Women.


Remedy Hospital, Garia has a unique approach towards the paediatric department – a family centered approach with roaming in and mother’s accomodation facility.


We understand that women across different age groups have different health complications. At Remedy, a lot of emphasis is laid on providing top notch gynaecological treatment. The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology across all units aim to provide the most comprehensive women’s healthcare services.

Highly trained technicians, latest technology & equipment, and some of the best gynaecologists in Kolkata ensure that complex clinical situations are dealt with ease and expertise. Our obstetrics department promises the best pregnancy care – starting from pre-conception to the post-natal period.

The unit is one of the most advanced centres for obstetrics and gynaecology in Eastern India, providing the full spectrum of women’s healthcare services, making it the best maternity. The salient features include:


AMRI hospitals is the one stop centre for highly extensive gynaecological treatment and services in Eastern India. We provide comprehensive diagnosis for all the various gynaecology subspecialties. The various subspecialties include Uro-Gynaecology, Gynae-Oncology, and Laparoscopy Gynaecology.


The department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in the Remedy, backed by the latest technologies and the best gynaecologists in Kolkata, treats female Urology and Gynaecology problems together. Treatment is also provided for urinary incontinence (urine leak), rectal incontinence and sexual dysfunction along with genital prolapse. The various uro-gynaecology procedures offered at AMRI include:


Laparoscopic Gynaecology

Remedy provides the most advanced women’s healthcare serviceswhen it comes to gynaecological treatment. Gynaecological laparoscopy allows a surgeon to examine your fallopian tubes, ovaries and womb (uterus). It can be used to either diagnose a condition, or to allow treatment. Toffers a comprehensive treatment options for laparoscopy Gynaecology. Laparoscopy procedure helps to resume normal lifestyle faster.We carry out a wide array of procedures with a lot of success. They include: