15 Apr

Breast cancer-how to check if you are at risk!

Breast cancer is one of the most common variants of the deadly disease that has been emerging as a menace for women. It is a severe kind of cancer that makes women, from all over the world suffer from it. Though the governments of all the nations are trying to run awareness programs to make women cautious of the disease, the efforts are not proving to be sufficient. 
This post aims at educating modern women to understand various factors related to breast cancer and make them aware of the risk factors that surround them from everywhere. It also talks about all the initial measures that can help them to keep a safe distance from this deadly disease.
What You Should Know About Breast Cancer?

The entire human body is made up of various types of tiny cells that keep on multiplying as the human body grows. Practically, the cells die every moment and new cells replace them almost instantaneously.  On some occasions, the cells grow in an uncontrollable manner causing some kind of abscess. Medically, these unwanted growths are referred to as tumors. If not treated well within the time, these tumors convert into malignant or cancer cells.
In the case of breast cancer, the cells in the breast tissues start increasing fast, In the beginning, the growth is limited. However, it can start growing fast. In the process, it starts invading surrounding cells if not treated fast. In such a case, the tumor grows faster giving birth to new tumors. Here, the process is called metastasis.
What causes breast cancer?
Even after numberless efforts, the actual cause of breast cancer still remains unknown. However, medical science has been successful in identifying various risk factors. However, medical science is still trying to find  why some women with no risk factors can also develop breast cancer while some others who are at very high risk never get affected. The doctors always suggest women follow the right ways of living so that they can avoid the risk factors of getting breast cancer.
Some Known Causes Of Breast Cancer:
On many occasions, cancers occur to those who have it in their family. The genes are the most common carriers of cancer germs. If any of your relatives are affected by breast cancer, then your risk of getting the disease is very high. Today, you can go for genetic testing to detect the presence of cancer genes in your body.  In such cases, you can look for some effective defensive measures to save yourself from the consequences later on.  
Unhealthy Diet
Probably, an unhealthy diet is one of the common reasons for breast cancer.  Excessive consumption of French fries, burgers, and other dietary items can increase the risk factors that can make you suffer from breast cancer. Therefore, avoiding these foodstuffs is always a great idea if you are willing to keep yourself safe from
Medically, obesity has been a complicated health condition that can cause various health disorders, including breast cancer, type II or diabetes, and heart diseases. The risk factors multiply if you are in the post-menopause state. To keep yourself safe against this deadly disease, you should do everything including regular screening. Following a healthy diet is necessary to prevent obesity again. 
Consumption of Alcohol
Regular consumption of alcohol can increase the chances of developing breast cancer. You must try now to give up liquor if you are willing to keep yourself safe against this deadly disease. Reach the diagnostic centers on a regular basis just to get the screening process done.
Like taking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco is a sure reason for breast cancer. As per the available data, more than 50% of cancer patients get the disease by dint of smoking. Give up smoking in an instant if you are sure about protecting yourself from breast or any other kind of cancer. 
When To Reach A Doctor:
Well, consulting a doctor becomes mandatory if you are serious about getting free from the disease, However, there can be a few signs that you should consider before you decide to visit a doctor, maybe a cancer specialist. The following are a few of those signs:

  • Change in the size and shape of the breast
  • Change in appearance of your breast
  • An upturned nipple
  • Visible redness of the skin around the breast
  • A lump/growth in the breast
  • An Inverted, or upturned nipple
  • Blood or any unusual discharge from the nipple 
The Bottom Line:
Keeping safe from breast cancer is not difficult provided you are conscious enough about various signs and symptoms of the deadly disease. You just need to follow the guidelines that can save you from the disease and its consequences. Remember, nobody is safe from any kind of disease. To keep yourself safe, you must be conscious enough about various ways that can make you suffer. Keeping in touch with the best medical unit can be a healthy practice.