Regain your health after covid19 infection.

24 Jun

How to regain your health after contracting coronavirus infection.

Recovering from COVID usually takes around 2 weeks (for mild cases) and about a month for people with a serious infection. But COVID has an excellent recovery rate in India right now which is above 90%. That is why most people who contract this viral infection recover soon, and slowly get back to their previous lifestyle.

The need for post-COVID care:

The coronavirus is a terrible microbe that can do a lot of damage to your body. If your infection was moderate to severe, it is possible that the virus did some good amount of damage to your respiratory system- particularly, the lungs. Even people with mild infection have to be alert in the post-infection stage because symptoms of other health conditions triggered by the coronavirus may surface up. The body, naturally, becomes weak after having battled the dangerous virus for so many days. You may feel drained out and lethargic, which is quite natural.
That is why, even if your body has killed off all the viruses, you still need to shower yourself with a lot of love and care, in order to ensure that you’re completely virus-free; and if there’s any requirement for additional healthcare checks, you’ll be able to take the right action at the right time.

Take enough amount of rest

Most doctors suggest that you stay isolated for another 7 days after recuperation, especially now that some studies have found that even if the symptoms disappear, the virus may still linger in your body. So, give yourself a week of complete rest after recovery, refraining yourself from your previous daily activities. A well-rested body can focus on proper healing. Get enough sleep, because when you sleep, your body speeds up the recovery process. Too much work, stress and anxiety will make you sick again.

Have a nutritious diet

Food containing the right nutrients in the right amount eases the path to recovery. Make sure your diet includes plenty of proteins such as lentil soups, legumes, seeds, nuts, boiled eggs, and chicken stew. Proteins help repair the body. And of course, don’t forget the vitamins! Eat in small portions for easy digestion. Don’t forget to eat at least 1 fruit a day. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Exercise a little every day

Exercising is essential for a speedy recovery. Working out improves blood and oxygen circulation. It helps to detoxify your body. It can also help your brain produce more happiness hormones which will lift your spirits, and allow you to stay confident- something that is much needed after you’ve contracted COVID. Only exercise as much as you can, don’t go over. Do your favourite kinds of exercise, and don’t push yourself too much. 10 minutes a day will be enough.

Try out a few memory games

COVID causes damage to brain and neural cells as well. To prevent memory issues in the near future, try playing some memory games like sudoku, mathdoku, crosswords, jigsaw, etc., as this will also help you pass your time without getting bored and irritated easily.

Keep a check on your blood oxygen level

Continue monitoring your blood oxygen saturation level with an oximeter. Even if you have recovered from COVID, there could be lung damage that you aren’t yet aware of. If so, your oxygen level will fluctuate and dip below 90. You’ll then need to visit the doctor. 

Watch out for other symptoms, too

COVID can result in long-term consequences on your health. So, you have to be alert even after recovery. COVID can cause both lung and heart damage. If you begin to experience shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, warm flushes, or any other symptoms, consult a doctor right away.
Post-COVID care is essential and should not be neglected. This is, in fact, a great investment for your future health as well.
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