Consult the top neuropsychiatrists at the Remedy Hospital  
Neuropsychiatry is a specialty that deals with the mental problems arising out of neurological disorders. It is also known as organic psychiatry. Neuropsychiatric disorders can cause serious behavioral as well as psychological problems. So, they should never be taken lightly. There are not many neuropsychiatrists in Kolkata that can treat neuropsychiatric diseases. Therefore, you should be very cautious while choosing a neuropsychiatrist for treating your condition.
Neuropsychiatric problems affect the brain and can have a negative impact on your behavior and mental health. Common neuropsychiatric diseases include uncontrolled anger, migraine, seizures, cognitive or attention deficit disorder, eating disorder, palsy, addiction, and so on. There can be many reasons behind the formation of such disorders. These reasons include traumatic head injury, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain vascular disease, etc. Regular psychiatrists cannot treat neuropsychiatric disorders as they only know about psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychiatrists, on the other hand, have in-depth knowledge of both psychiatric and neurological problems. So, you should always consult a good neuropsychiatrist in such cases.
The neuropsychiatry department of the Ruby Hospital contains neuropsychiatrists who top the list of neurology psychiatry doctors in Kolkata. It also offers 24/7 emergency support to those who need it. Plus, its affordable services have put Remedy on the top of the list of neuro-psychiatry hospitals in the city. Therefore, if you are looking for a neuropsychiatrist in Kolkata, Remedy should be your go-to place.