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Orthopedic Surgery

Patients suffering from sports injuries, accidents, or even joint replacements need a doctor who has a specialty in orthopedic surgery. An orthopedic surgeon is the one who treats patients with any difficulties in bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. People living in Kolkata will be glad to know that an international standard super specialty hospital has been opened near you. Yes, any patient looking for the best orthopedic clinic in Kolkata can contact Remedy Super Speciality Hospital.

Many orthopedic specialists of Kolkata are providing 24*7 services for orthopedic patients in Kolkata. Their tireless dedication towards your treatment will surely make an impact. You will get the best treatment from the excellent faculties of orthopedic doctors in Kolkata.

Another excellent feature of this multi-specialty hospital is that you will get the best facilities for orthopedic surgery in Kolkata. The list of orthopedic surgery doctors is indeed notable in this hospital. You will experience perfect care and outstanding service from this hospital. Most people search “orthopedic doctors near me” or “orthopedic near me” in search engines. But before you opt to consult an orthopedic doctor in Kolkata, you should keep in mind some basic facts. We will provide every detail and information about orthopedic surgery and treatment in Kolkata. See more of this article to know useful information on orthopedic treatment.

When do you need an orthopedic doctor?

If you or your dear ones, unfortunately, experience any fracture in bones, pain in muscles, stiffness in ligaments, or pain in joints then you should immediately consult an orthopedic doctor near you. An orthopedic is an expert in treating joint pains and bone fracture. They will give you the best care for your bones, muscles, and joints.
Secondly, if an orthopedic doctor suggests surgery of the muscles, bones, or joint replacement then the surgery will undergo by an orthopedic surgeon. You can find a list of orthopedic surgery on the Remedy Super Speciality Hospital website. This hospital provides a wide range of orthopedic surgery with an expert orthopedic doctor in Kolkata near you.

The treatment process of orthopedic surgeons

An orthopedic surgeon always tries to find a non-surgical treatment at first. But when the situation is more severe, they opt for orthopedic surgery. For example, if a patient with a fractured bone of the hand will get a plastered hand and some medicines from an orthopedic surgeon but if a patient has a severe fracture in the ribs then he will undergo immediate surgery. Moreover, joint replacement is one of the most operated orthopedic surgery. This surgery needs orthopedic surgeons.

List of orthopedic surgeries offered by Remedy Super Speciality Hospital

Remedy Super Specialty Hospital is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Kolkata. this hospital offers international standard orthopedic surgeries as,
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Treatment of Achilles tendon injuries
  • Foot ankle injury treatment
  • Spinal injury treatment
  • Back pain and backbone fractures
  • Sports injury special treatment
  • Club foot and bow legs treatment
  • Replacement of joints
  • Osteoporosis treatment
  • Any kind of hand injuries
  • Lengthening of limbs
  • Orthopedic trauma care etc.
If you are eagerly searching for an 'orthopedic doctor in Kolkata near’ me or “ortho doctor near me” then please contact Remedy Super Specialty Hospital for the best care.

Hope we have gathered all the important information about orthopedic surgery in Kolkata and provided them to you. You will get the best care and treatment for any kind of orthopedic treatment in Kolkata. Stay healthy and happy.

Consult the best orthopedic surgeons at the Remedy Hospital
Orthopedic surgeries are surgeries performed on your musculoskeletal system. That means this type of surgery helps to treat disorders related to your bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and so on. An adept and highly experienced orthopedic surgeon can properly diagnose your orthopedic issue and perform surgery accordingly. Delay in diagnosing and treating such diseases can make things worse. So, you should never neglect such diseases and choose your orthopedic surgeon wisely.     
There are many orthopedic disorders that can affect your well-being. Some of them can be treated with medicines, while some may need surgery. A well-experienced orthopedic surgeon would tell you what is best for you. Common orthopedic surgeries include knee, hip, or shoulder replacement surgery, ACL surgery, osteotomy, revision joint surgery, etc. Orthopedic surgeons also perform spinal, bone, or joint fusion surgeries, minimally-invasive orthopedic surgeries, and so on. Orthopedic surgeries are one of the hardest surgeries to perform. So, you need a specialist who knows exactly what they are doing.
The list of orthopedic surgery doctors in the Remedy Hospital contains some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the city. Besides that, it contains all the modern medical amenities required to provide you with the best-in-class healthcare services. However, it offers these services at an affordable cost. This is what places Remedy at the top of the list of orthopedic surgery hospitals in Kolkata. So, if you need an orthopedic surgeon you can trust, look no further than the Remedy Hospital.