Urology Hospital in Kolkata


Urology treatment deals with various problems associated with the urinary tract. Any person going through inflammation or abnormality in the urinary tract or urine secretion consults with a urologist. The best urology specialist in Kolkata is now in Remedy Super Specialty Hospital. The outstanding facilities and decent service of this hospital will surely amaze you.

If you are currently searching ‘urology doctor near me’ or ‘best urology doctor Kolkata’ then Remedy Super Speciality Hospital should be your one-stop choice. The tireless dedication of the doctors and staff will give you the best experience along with the best care. One of the best urology doctors in Kolkata is currently providing the best treatment for urology patients in this hospital.

We must say that before getting urology surgery in Kolkata you must gather all the information on surgery costs, the best doctors, and the best hospitals. This might be one of the most hectic works to do. But we are here to your rescue. We will try our best to give you as much information on urology treatment in Kolkata as we can. Go through this article to know more about urology surgeries and treatments in Kolkata.

Who are urologists and when to visit them?

The basic step before consulting a specialist is to know about them. Urology doctors have special knowledge of diseases and ailments regarding the urinary tract. You can consult a urologist after experiencing the following symptoms,
  • Blood secretion while urinating
  • High frequency of urination
  • Feeling of urgency in urinating
  • Inflammation or itching during urination
  • Leakage of urine
  • Pain in the lower back area(kidney area)
  • Weak urine flow
  • Lumps in urinating area etc.
Many urinary diseases can be treated with proper medication, while some severe ailments need an operation. The doctors who operate on the urinary tract and kidneys are called urology surgeons.

The treatment procedure of urology doctors

The primary step of treating any urinary problem is to locate the problematic area. So, when you visit any urology doctor in Kolkata they will ask you about the problems in detail. Then they will examine the area of ailment if required. They can also suggest you go through some medical tests. Most of the urology test includes,
  1. MRI Scan
  2. Ultrasound
  3. CT Scan
  4. Cystoscopy
  5. Various type of urine tests
  6. Biopsy
  7. Urodynamic tests etc
A urology doctor will prescribe medicines or treatments after examining the test results. The urology doctor usually tries their best to treat the diseases with medication. Only some severe cases need urology surgeries as,
  1. Tumors
  2. Kidney stones
  3. Urethra strictures
  4. Kidney transplant etc.
Urology surgery cost

If your search bar history says ‘urology surgery cost Kolkata’ then we are at your utmost help. Generally, a urology doctor consultation is not at all expensive in Kolkata. You will get the best urology specialist in Kolkata under one roof in Remedy Super Speciality Hospital. The doctor consultation charge is very low at this hospital. Moreover, urology surgeries are also cheap here than most of the other hospitals in Kolkata. You can get standard urology care here in Kolkata at a very cheap rate.
You can get the list of urology doctors in Kolkata and the list of urology doctors who are experts on the hospital website. Remedy Super Speciality Hospital is no doubt one of the best super specialty hospitals in Kolkata. The urology department of this hospital will surely give you the best care.

Consult the best urologists in the Remedy Hospital

It is a known fact that urological problems can be very hard to deal with. Many of these problems stay for a short time. But some of them can turn very problematic and become a long-term issue. Not many doctors are trained and knowledgeable enough to treat such problems. That’s why a patient suffering from a urological disorder needs to consult a specialist in the field to recover fast. 
Urological diseases are not a rare phenomenon. Now, they happen to people now and then. Some of these diseases are urinary tract infections, kidney and prostate cancers, bladder control issues, etc. Other urological disorders include kidney stones, infertility, and even erectile dysfunction. Urological diseases can happen because of various reasons. From dehydration to weakened sphincter muscles to spinal cord injury, many things can contribute to the creation of urological problems. These urological problems can hamper your desire to live a healthy and beautiful life. Therefore proper diagnosis and treatment of such diseases are crucial for your well-being.
The urology department of the Remedy Hospital has all the modern medical equipment. Also, the list of urology doctors in the Remedy hospital includes some of the most skilled and experienced doctors. It is not an exaggeration to say that the urologists at Remedy Hospital easily top the list of urology doctors in Kolkata. Plus, the medical charges here are extremely affordable. So, if you too want to get rid of any urological disease, the Remedy Hospital should be your first choice.