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MRI - 1.5 Tesla

MRI - 1.5 Tesla

What is MRI?
Magnetic resonance imaging is a kind of test that is done by using powerful radio waves, magnets inside the patients’ body. A computer is needed to make a detailed picture of the internal portion of your body.
Purpose of doing MRI:
MRI helps to diagnose any type of brain and spinal defects, heart and blood vessel disorders, breast diseases, bone and joint defects, internal organ disputes, etc. With the help of MRI, it becomes easy to diagnose different complicated situations such as

  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Tumors.
  • Eye and internal ear disputes.
  • Aneurysms of blood vessels (vessels form balloon-like structures).
  • Breast cancer.
  • Bone and joint infections.
  • Injuries of the spinal cord.
But the important thing is, you need to avoid the magnetic resonance imaging process in some particular conditions. If you have any artificial heart valves, metallic prosthesis, cardiac pacemaker, or other electronic devices inside your body, it would be best to avoid an MRI scan.
Why Remedy diagnostic?
Remedy healthcare is always here to provide the best quality MRI services to our patients. We have included advanced facilities to serve our patients with our best.
Quality imaging procedure: Our focus is to maintain the quality and consistency of our services.
Efficient healthcare environment: We offer an efficient healthcare environment for our staff and patients to diagnose each problem properly.
Our approach: We know to value our patients’ opinions and provide intense care for all of them. 
Safety measurements: We are always concerned to take appropriate safety precautions for our patients. We maintain perfect hygiene and infection control around our MRI compound.
Fast service: We never compromise with our patients’ health. We promise to provide the best quality MRI reports in time at affordable prices.
Our MRI services include expert staff and excellent technologies for the betterment of our patients. For any assistance, follow our official website now!

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