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Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

Nowadays, joint replacements are common among people of all ages. It helps to get effective solutions from painful joints within few times. This type of painful joint can not be managed with regular treatments. The Orthopedics and Joint Replacement department of Remedy hospital has excellency in the vast area of ingenious joint replacement treatments. We are always committed to providing the best quality treatment and proper medication for the betterment of our patients. Moreover, our orthopedics and Joint replacement department have highly qualified orthopedic surgeons, experienced nurses, and other medical staff to ensure intense care for the patients, who need it most.
Remedy Group has become reputed by providing comprehensive joint care according to our patients’ needs. Our Orthopedics department is well-equipped with advanced technologies and world-class amenities. Our proficient team of orthopedics surgery is capable of dealing with any emergency conditions. Furthermore, they can diagnose any severe issues flawlessly and offer proper treatment with the help of our efficient MRI technology. We are dedicated to the quick recovery along with the healthy living of our patients as well. We have included a highly experienced orthopedic specialist to treat problems related to knee, joint, hip without any inconvenience. Some of our services provided by our Orthopedics and Join replacement department are as follows.

  • Bone reconstruction.
  • Bone scanning.
  • Total knee replacement.
  • The proper test of bone density.
  • Arthroscopy.
  • Surgery of bone and joint malformation.
  • Total hip replacement.
  • Bicep’s tendinosis.
  • BANKART repairing.
  • Bone deformity correction.
  • Diagnosis and surgical procedure for bone tumors.
You can avail yourself of 24x7 emergency services at Remedy Group’s Orthopedics department. The positive reviews of our patients regarding our successful treatment have made us one of the best hospitals for Orthopedics and Joint replacement in Kolkata. 
Our helpline number is always available to assist our patients. For any inquiry, contact us immediately.

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