Emergency treatment 24×7 in Kolkata? Contact Remedy Super Speciality Hospital.

Do you know that Remedy Super Speciality Hospital is now actively providing treatment for Covid patients in Kolkata? The tireless medical services are the other name to worship god. This is a new achievement for us. We have already touched millions of hearts for effective health care services in and around Kolkata. From common kind sickness and operations up to critical illness care, we are just a call away at your services. Remedy believes in a speedy and perfectly diagnosed treatment module, patient-friendly hospital environment, and world-class critical care. We have the leading specialist doctors support and surgical support range. Once you enter into a consultation with our health expert, you feel the difference. We take perfect care and responsibility for our patients as the best Super Speciality Hospital in Kolkata.

Who we are?

Remedy (BUDGET BRAND) is a super speciality hospital along with diagnostics and pharmacy facilities. Remedy Medical Services is a complete Diagnostic care unit. We began our journey in 2000 and the Remedy Hospital was set up in 2009. It is located in Garia Main Road, Tribeni Appt, Opp Sitala Mandir in South Kolkata to provide services.

Why should you depend on Remedy Hospital and Medical Services?

We provide the best healthcare services and 24X7 hours of Emergency support at Kolkata. We are a modern facility with every type of support for the parents. Remedy Medical Services has got a reputation as a dedicated top-class healthcare services provider. Our commitment to excellence involves every aspect of health care. All Remedy Medical Services employees are committed to helping you at every go. We are here to fulfill our mission to provide compassionate and quality healthcare in Kolkata. We believe in 360-degree patient care. We are open to international patients. Online virtual support is done by our experts as per requirement.

What do we deliver?

Remedy Super Speciality Hospital is making regular advancement as a medical unit. Our doctors have national and international acclamation and reputation. We are ready with 80 beds with 12 bedded CCU and 4 bedded HDU facilities. Remedy Super Speciality Hospital conducts 600 successful surgeries every year. Our super specialty hospital is located near Shahid Khudiram Metro Station in Kolkata with a state-of-the-art daycare facility. We are well connected and within your reach.

For cost-effective healthcare services, trust us in Remedy Super Speciality Hospital.